Jeremy & Meghan

Are getting married!

March 30th, 2013. Jeremy, fresh off a deployment to Afghanistan and a new resident of Northern Virginia, met Meghan, then a student at Shepherd University and running her jewelry line, "Square Peg Meg". Since Jeremy was new to the area, Meghan offered to show Jeremy around D.C. Jeremy, sitting on a bench outside of his hotel, nervously waited with flowers in his hand. Meghan picked him up for their first date; a moonlit stroll of our National Monuments!

June 18th, 2014. Jeremy, fresh off of another deployment to Afghanistan and recently returned to Northern Virginia, picked Meghan up to take her out to a nice dinner to celebrate their reunion. Jeremy, armed with a beautiful engagement ring, picked Meghan up and parked his car on a very strategically planned route; one that would take the couple right past the very bench where they first met. When they approached the bench, Jeremy dropped to one knee and asked Meghan to marry him. This was, after all, the location of their first kiss! Meghan, without hesitation, screamed, "Yes!", and our newly engaged couple proceeded on to a celebratory dinner at Brabo Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, where Jeremy had a bottle of champagne waiting. 

We've been through more in the last few years than many couples endure in their entire relationships, especially with deployments and moves, and we've found ourselves only stronger because of it all. Please join us on September 6th, 2015 to celebrate our love for each other!